Traction Batteries

Traction Batteries

trak | air

Traction energy systems with electrolyte circulation.

If you wish to minimise operating costs through reduced energy consumption and increased availability of your battery system, then HOPPECKE trak | air is the ideal solution for you.

The high-quality trak | air system comprises a HOPPECKE traction battery with electrolyte circulation and a microprocessor-regulated charger to ensure rapid and gentle charging of the battery.

Your benefits

  • Lower energy costs
  • Higher battery availability
  • Fewer changing batteries needed
  • Lower water costs
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Longer life in cyclic use
  • Avoidance of insufficient charging and of overcharging
  • Enhanced safety in operation

Typical application

  • Light-duty operation
  • Normal operation
  • Heavy-duty operation
  • Shift-plus operation without equalizing charges