Traction Batteries

Traction Batteries

trak | eco

Traction energy systems with encapsulated battery.

If you wish to minimise maintenance costs by spending less time on replenishing water, cleaning, and inspecting your battery system, then the HOPPECKE trak | eco system is the ideal solution for you.

The high-quality trak | eco system comprises an encapsulated HOPPECKE traction battery with modified electrolyte circulation and a HF charger, to give a battery which is virtually maintenance-free.

Your benefits

  • Less time spent on cleaning
  • Avoidance of under and overcharging
  • Good operational reliability
  • Extended battery operating times
  • Less inspection required
  • Less time spent on topping-up
  • Electronic control of electrolyte level to ensure functioning capability
  • Optimal charging ensured throughout the whole life of the battery

Typical application

  • Light-duty operation
  • Normal operation
  • Heavy-duty operation
  • Shift-plus operation without equalizing charges