trak | power multi charger

The trak® powerpack is a unique design with 4 HOPPECKE trak® bloc maintenance free AGM monobloc batteries assembled in a self supporting tray with an on-board HF charger. It is a unique solution for on board pallet trucks in a long distance cargo truck without any over-charge (escape of aerosols) of the battery! Due to the AGM technology, the trak® powerpack is suitable for opportunity charge for a prolonged shift. The 4 trak® bloc AGM maintenance free monobloc batteries of the trak® powerpack system are of each 6V with a capacity of 170Ah/5h. The batteries are non spillable even when they are damaged or cracked.

The electrolyte is fixed in the glass mat (AGM) between the plates which means there is no need to add water during the whole lifetime. Thanks to the use of the HOPPECKE AGM technology, which received the Innovation Award 2000, the HOPPECKE trak® powerpack system offers a high level of reliability and a long life expectancy.

The HOPPECKE trak® bloc charger with High Frequency technology provides this perfect match. The monitoring charge progress is made simple by means of a colour changing LED indicator, located at the top of the trak® powerpack. The trak® powerpack system is available in two sizes:

Available sizes

  • Compact: 578x173x590 (L-W-H)mm
  • Standard DIN B: 624x212x627 (L-W-H)mm
It fits in over 80% of most common pallet trucks layouts in Europe.

Typical application

  • Single and multi-shift operation
  • Continuous operation 24/7
  • Normal and/or heavy-duty operation
  • Opportunity charging (with trak | air – electrolyte circulation)
  • Extreme conditions (e. g. in close vicinity to cold stores)