trak | power premium charger

High availability of the trak® air, trak® eco and trak® fnc battery systems is enhanced to maximum effect through use of trak® power premium charge. The high-frequency technology used here permits a compact design with optional wall mounting to save space. In combination with HOPPECKE BIM (Battery Identification Module), multi-capacity and multi-voltage capability is obtained. This means that different batteries with varying voltage and capacity may be charged by a single charging unit.

Product features

  • High-frequency (HF) battery chargers
  • Efficiency lifted to over 92%
  • Modular charger design
  • Battery Management
  • LCDisplay
  • Battery availability
  • Charge cycle memory
  • Programmable start of charging
  • Cable-free communication
  • Flexibility and compatibility
  • Integral PFC function

Typical application

  • Multi-shift operation 24/7
  • Complete quick charge down to 5 hours
  • Extreme applications (e. g. in areas close-up to cool stores)
  • All Motive Power battery technologies and automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)